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Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance: What does it mean?
Varying your volts/watts can and does alter the taste of you e-liquid, vary until you hit your personal sweetspot.
A variable voltage e cig or mod should be set relatively proportional to the resistance (ohm) of the connected cartomizer, atomizer or coil. LR (Low Resistance) cartomizers roughly range from 1.5 ohms to 2.2 ohms. For ohms of 1.5 to 2.2, one should vape at no higher than 3.7 volts. Slightly higher resistances allow for a little leeway of voltage. LR cartos may be vaped at a slightly higher voltage than 3.7V, yet raising the volts any higher for this resistance range poses a risk to it’s coil. This may lead to a burn-out, causing the e juice to overheat or over burn. It may also lead to a full coil blow-out, rendering the cartomizer useless. Otherwise, it may create a burnt or unpleasant flavor.  Or, it may suit your liking. Either way, one ought heed caution when vaping at low resistance.
If LR vaping is not your cup of e juice, perhaps a standard resistance may be. SR cartos or coil heads generally run between 2.8 ohm to 3.2 ohm general range, although we've seen them marketed and sold as low as 2.4 resistance. Voltage for these can be cranked up to 5.0V, although we recommend closer to 2.8 to 3.2 ohms for higher than a 4.8 Voltage. At these settings, you’ll likely notice a harder throat hit and more vapor.
HV Cartos range from 3.5 ohm to 5.2 ohm. If one is using a 6.0 Voltage Mod cranked to the max, use at least a 3.5 ohm cartomizer, although I recommend 4.5 ohm for optimal enjoyment. Anything above 6.0 volts such as 7.4 volts , use the highest ohm possible… 5.2 ohm. A general rule of thumb: The higher the volt, the higher the ohm proportionally. This will ensure a wattage output to your liking. Leading to the next subject.
Variable Wattage Mods, if set to VW mode, will detect the resistance of the attached coil and set your voltage accordingly. Wattage = Voltage squared divided by resistance (ohm). So a 4.5 ohm carto set at 6 volts wields a power output of 8 watts. Think of variable wattage as the power produced based upon it’s coil’s resistance. Wattage is the result of the two. Having said all this settings, taste and nic strength are all personal preference.

Vape on and enjoy your juice.