Liquid Rage

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  • Beetlejuice


    Beetlejuice a combination of Strawberry, mango, pineapple and raspberry.
  • Black Monk

    Black Monk

    Black Monk combines blackcurrant, menthol and aniseed
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  • Grizzly Tears

    Grizzly Tears

    Gruzzly Tears combines Cola and sour apples.
  • Heisenborg


    Heisenborg combines fruity berries, crystal eucalyptus and menthol
  • Red Monk

    Red Monk

    Red Monk Combines Red cherry, black grape, menthol and aniseed.
  • Splunk


    Splunk combines Strawberry bubblegum and pear drops.

Are your online prices the same as in stores?

No not all - There are different overheads with a web business, so we're able to offer different prices from Green Dog Vaping stores. Prices you see online are only valid on the website, not in our stores.