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TEARDRIP Juice CO. (4 Products)

TEARDRIP - Cinnapps
Orchard fresh Red Apple parfait with a Cinnamon sprinkle
TEARDRIP - Cremlon
Sugar scorched Creme Brulee with a hint of Mayor Lemon zest
TEARDRIP - Pearamel
Sugar torched pear with a Caramel drizzle
TEARDRIP - Revenge Of The Geeks
Mixed Sweet Fruit Candy with a tart bite!

Our products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance and can be fatal if consumed incorrectly. We do not recommend our products to anyone who is not already a smoker. Do not use nicotine if you are pregnant. Before using nicotine please seek medical advice if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver or kidney disease. Please keep your nicotine products in a secure or locked cabinet, away from children/minors.