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  1. Always use the charging cable/charger/wall plug supplied with your battery.
  2. Do not expose lithium batteries to heat or water.
  3. NEVER use an Iphone or other phone charger.
  4. Regularly clean battery post and charging battery connector (before plugging into wall socket) juice can build up in your battery connector.
  5. Do not over-tighten battery onto charger this can cause mechanical damage to both charger and battery.
  6. Never leave a battery unattended whilst charging EVER.
  7. Charge on a non flammable surface.
  8. If you battery gets hot carefully unplug from charger and place outdoors.
  9. Remove from charger when charged, do not leave it charging once the charging light turns green, over charging is possible, unlike mobile phones many lithium-ion batteries used by e-cigarettes do not have protection to stop over heating.
  10. Do not leave batteries in a hot vehicle.
  11. Do not use a damaged battery at all.
  1. First off, do your research, there's plenty of info on the net, again do your research.
  2. Buy your batteries from reputable dealers.
  3. Get the right charger, one that can charge Lithium batteries, the ones that do normal AA, AAA are not suitable.
  4. Get a charger that has overcharge protection.
  5. Do not over discharge your battery, when it reaches 3.3v it's time for a charge.
  6. Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket or purse, they can short on keys, each other any other metallic object in your possession.
  7. If you plan on Sub Ohming, which we do NOT recommend then know your ohms law,
  8. Example 1. 1.0 ohm coil with a loaded voltage of 4.0V. Using Ohms Law, Amps = Voltage/Resistance = a 4 Amp draw on you battery.
  9. Example 2. 0.3 ohm coil with a loaded voltage of 4.0V. Using Ohms Law, Amps = Voltage/Resistance = a 13.3 Amp Draw on your battery, can your battery cope with that. Research, research, research it can't be emphasized enough.
  10. Check and make sure your Mechanical mod has vents, usually holes or slots located on the bottom cap but, can be elsewhere, incase of malfunction, if not you have a possible pipe bomb in your hand, you want those hot gasses from a malfunctioning battery to escape not build up pressure.
  11. Don't forget maintanence, clean all your connections and terminals regulaly, you need a good clean connection at all times. 


Our products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance and can be fatal if consumed incorrectly. We do not recommend our products to anyone who is not already a smoker. Do not use nicotine if you are pregnant. Before using nicotine please seek medical advice if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver or kidney disease. Please keep your nicotine products in a secure or locked cabinet, away from children/minors.